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I have been coming to these for 25 years and that was one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen.
 Pharmacist, Seminar Attendee
Your relaxed and inviting demeanor is refreshing and helped keep the momentum going”
Workshop Attendee
I learned that a “STERILE” environment is not necessarily the BEST way to work with customers, staff OR colleagues and stepping outside your comfort zone can produce many beneficial results”
 Pharmarcy, Seminar Attendee
Cory is a tremendous keynote speaker and workshop leader. NPTA had the pleasure of having Cory deliver the keynote session for our flagship conference – CPhT LIVE, as well as lead a workshop for our VIP attendees. Cory has a unique but profound message to share - and he is engaging, entertaining and funny. Our attendees loved him! Any organization would benefit from working with him. Cory has my highest recommendation.”
Mike Johnston
Let’s start with a one-name suggestion for an improv teacher that could make better professionals out of all of us: Cory Jenks! Cory Jenks, pharmacist and comedian, brings his passion, motivation and energy to successfully teach improv skills to even the most linear-thinking “Type A” personalities such as myself. I met Cory when, as a physician and administrator, I decided I needed to get out of my comfort zone, challenge my public appearance skills on the comedy stage, and re-energize myself from impending professional burnout. Through Cory’s coaching, I found new ways to connect and relate to my patients and staff using techniques he taught in improv. Learning to actively “listen with paranoia” and pay attention to their words and energy in the moment improved my ability to meet their needs and has made me a better clinician, colleague and leader. Cory quickly taught me that the fundamental “Yes, and…” of improv applies beyond the stage and my professional role and into the continuum of my life experiences. Cory’s ability to engage his students, recognize their personal strengths and/or inhibitions, and turn what may feel like sheer stage-terror into a fun and dynamic experience makes him stand out among improv educators. He inspires with the enthusiasm that he brings to every session. He encourages with keen analysis and insights. He leads by his own examples of incorporating improv skills into the theater known as life. Thinking about taking some improv from Cory? That would be an emphatic “Yes, and…”!”
Peter Ziegler, MD
Family Physician

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